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We believe in providing equal and equitable access to opportunities in education and entrepreneurship.


In 2013, I was introduced to Virtual Enterprise International, an immersive business and entrepreneurship program for high school students. Virtual Enterprise offered me an opportunity to volunteer as a business plan judge and over the years I have contributed as a regional and state judge for the programs. I love witnessing thousands of young adults pour their hearts and souls into creating a viable virtual business and then compete in a professional manner.  

Several years ago, I began mentoring Centennial High School’s VE team exclusively.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I absolutely love spending a year working with young adults who are driven to succeed.  Every year I am amazed at their dedication to the process, the innovative businesses they launch, the creative ways they solve problems, and willingness to learn.  Mentoring youth by supporting the intersection of entrepreneurship and education is close to my heart.